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The gift of Scripture

"Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ"

St Jerome


Good food, beautiful centre, lovely grounds, near the beach…  at Irenaeus we offer Scripture retreats where there is a chance to reflect and pray through the challenges given by the Word of God. These normally last for a weekend… What a gift!


Parishes and groups

To look at the Scriptures as a group can be very rewarding. We can offer evenings or days of reflection on the Scriptures to help your parish or group grow a little more in understanding the Word of God. We can offer an introduction to the New Testament or to the Old Testament, maybe a series of sessions on the Psalms or a particular Gospel.

How we do it


Drawing on the wisdom of contemporary Biblical study and putting it simply.


Giving people a chance to talk about their life’s experience.

With prayer

Throughout every session there are always times of prayer to help the process of reflection.

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