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‘Songs we remember’

A sing-along with all those old songs we used to sing, followed by a cuppa and chat on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month (2-3.30pm).


This event is for anyone who enjoys singing, for anyone living with a form of dementia and for carers.


When you are living with dementia, the facts are often lost but the emotions remain as they are the last thing to go really. The more people enjoy things and the more those emotions can be stimulated, the better for the person. Singing is good for the brain, the more they can keep the brain stimulated, the better for the person.


We're just creating a situation where people are going to enjoy themselves, where they can feel confident, where their carers can relax and be comfortable as well and where stress is reduced.

Are you living with dementia or caring for someone who is?


Do you feel lonely sometimes?

Would you like to meet new friends?


Would you enjoy a chat and a good laugh?


Do you like singing?


Come and join us – all are very welcome!

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