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Welcome to The Irenaeus Project

the glory of God is a person fully alive

The Irenaeus Project is a retreat centre, place of welcome, hospitality and prayer, and the Archdiocese of Liverpool's Centre for Spirituality and Outreach.

We aim to help people recognise the presence of God in their lives and to move to a deeper awareness of that presence through providing opportunities for prayer and reflection.

At Irenaeus everyone is welcome!

We aim to be prayerful, listening people, filled with hope, nourished, seeking to enable one another to develop our God given gifts, sensitive and responsive to the joys and pains around us. We work together for the building of God's kingdom.

Whatever your experience; divorced/remarried, hurt by the Church, depressed, fearful, unforgiven, rejected.


Whatever you wish to leave behind you; alcoholism, paedophilia, child abuse, prostitution, drug pushing, drug addiction, gambling, murder, adultery, wife/husband battering, pornography, abortion, coercing into abortion, thieving, burglary, vandalism, violence. You are welcome!!


We extend our invitation to whoever you are; young, old, black, white, asylum seeker, immigrant, gay, lesbian, tearaway, rebel, stranger.


Whatever your situation; sick, healthy, unmarried, married, co-habiting, single parent, poor, rich, unemployed, employed, homeless, HIV/AIDS, disabled, bereaved, widowed, lapsed Catholic, Anglican, whatever your denomination or faith. You are welcome!!

Come and discover more about...




All are welcome in this place!

There is free tea, coffee and biscuits with access to Wi-Fi and friendly company.

There are also games and books available for children and adults to use,

as well as a food cupboard should anyone need to use it.

We are open Monday-Thursday, 10am-4pm.

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