Welcome to The Irenaeus Project

Irenaeus 32 Great Georges Road Waterloo L22 1RD

TEL: Chris Thomas and Main Office 0151 949 1199 Brendan Rice 0151 928 4790

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The Irenaeus Project is an initiative of the 
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool.

We try to promote spirituality across the Archdiocese
and further afield by providing opportunities 
for prayer and reflection.

Richard Rohr the American Franciscan reminds us in his book “Everything Belongs” that it’s in the living and accepting of our own reality that we discover the God who is always present. 

The Irenaeus project for spirituality and growth is to help people recognise the presence of God in their lives and to move to a deeper awareness of that presence through providing opportunities for prayer and reflection.
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